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This initiative began in 2006 when a preliminary version of the code was drafted. At this time, Guías Colombia was foreseen as an initiative that would focus on Security and Human Rights (Voluntary Principles) in the non-extractive sector in Colombia. In early 2010 a strategic planning workshop that sought to catalyze the initiative towards its launching was held in Bogotá. This workshop has significant results. First participants agree on expanding the scope of the initiative by addressing human rights in what concerns to business operations, instead of only security and human rights. Second, participants agree on having a master-document (instead of a code) that states the collective commitment to work on particularly sensitive issues in the business, human rights and IHL field.


Through these years, Fundación Ideas para la Paz (FIP) has fostered a process that involves companies that operate in the country, civil society organizations and State entities committed to work on these topics. All of the participants in Guías Colombia have worked on building trust and constructive dialogue, as well as on defining the basics and principles on which all parties will commit to work collectively. This effort aims at contributing to improving the respect to Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in the country.


On July 14th, 2010, Guías Colombia was publicly launched. The initiative is based on a master document and a document that comprises the basics of internal governance. These documents are the product of the hard collective work of all of those who participated in this initiative. They were signed by Coca-Cola Servicios de Colombia, Indupalma Ltda., Isagen S.A ESP, Nestle de Colombia S.A, Palmares de la Organización Espinosa, Tipiel S.A, International Alert, Fundación Ideas par la Paz, and the Colombian Government.