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Boletín de Prensa Internacional 06/07/07

De rehén a canciller
The Washington Post (Washington) The Short Road From Hostage to Envoy
By Juan Forero

BOGOTA, Colombia, March 5 -- Just weeks ago, Fernando Araújo's only connection to the outside world was his shortwave radio. In six years as a hostage of Marxist rebels, his life had been reduced to a grim routine of forced marches, a diet of soggy beans and rice and the realization that freedom might never come.Now, after a confused and miraculous dash to freedom that has captivated Colombians, Araújo has become foreign minister, a critical post in a country highly dependent on foreign aid, especially from Washington. ver>>

Colombianos encuentran refugio en la frontera ecuatoriana
Reuters Colombian refugees find safety across the border in Ecuador
By Marie-Hélène Verney in Chical, Ecuador

CHICAL, Ecuador, March 5 (UNHCR) – The population of Chical, a remote community in northern Ecuador, has doubled in less than a fortnight after the arrival of some 400 Colombians from across the border. The UN refugee agency is helping to distribute aid to the newcomers. Men, women and children started crossing the narrow bridge over the San Juan River that separates Chical from Tallambi in Colombia on February 23, the day after members of an irregular armed group killed the local schoolteacher. ver>>